Below is a list of some major research projects and evaluations/impact assessments that the Unit has undertaken:

  1. An Impact Assessment of Teacher Enhancement Programmes of the Department of Education in Kwa Zulu Natal (Current).
  2. An Enquiry into Irregularities in the Allocation of Government Houses (RDP) in KwaZulu-Natal (2016).
  3. An Infrastructural Audit of the Programmes in Education, Health and Arts and Culture in Kwa Zulu Natal (2014)
  4. An Evaluation of the KwaZulu Natal Office of the Premier’s Flagship Programme: Operation Sukuma Sakhe – A Pilot Programme on Community Participation in Development (2013).
  5. An Impact Assessment of the HIV /AIDS Programmes of the KZN Provincial Department of Health (2004) and a Follow Up Study (2011).
  6. Designing a Programme for a Certificate in leadership and Governance for Traditional Leaders in Kwa Zulu Natal: For the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. The programme is already on offer (2011).
  7. An Assessment of the Effectiveness and Desirability of an Indigenous Health Service at the University of KwaZulu Natal (2009)
  8. UKZN Leadership Development Programme (Research, Training and Capacity Building on Project Management, Conflict Resolution, Governance and Democracy in two District Municipalities) Sponsored by  the WK Kellogg Foundation (2006 – 2009).
  9. An Impact assessment of Food Security and Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Ethekwini (2007).
  10. A Skills Audit and Skills Development Plan for Cato Manor (2006).
  11. Managing and facilitating Work for the KwaZulu-Natal Spice Growers Association. 2004 -2006 (An Action Research Design).
  12. An Impact Assessment of the Developmental Programmes of the Department of Transport in Kwa Zulu Natal (2005)
  13. An Enquiry into Rural Taxes and Levies in KwaZulu-Natal – for the Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs, KwaZulu-Natal Province (2005).
  14. A Base-Line Socio-Economic Survey of Cato Manor for the Cato Manor Development Association (2003).
  15. A Study Of Food Security in Two rural Districts in KZN (Ixopo and Nkandla) (2003)
  16. A Socio-Economic Profile of the Umzumbe District in KwaZulu-Natal: for the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Housing (2002).
  17. A Survey of Human Rights Awareness:  A National Survey conducted for the Centre for Community Law and Rural Development and also for the Centre for Legal Studies (2001).
  18. Designing a Programme for a Certificate on Research, Monitoring and Evaluation for Professionals in Monitoring and Evaluation: Sponsored by the Department of Economic development in Kwa Zulu Natal. (Programme on offer).
  19. Designing and Managing Programmes in the Second Economy for the Office of the Premier in KwaZulu-Natal. (Generating data for planning, and developing indicators for monitoring and evaluation) (Programme on offer).